[RELEASE] [PAID] HUD Configurable

Download & Payment

Luminous Development | [ESX] HUD Configurable (tebex.io) for $30.00

Hud fully user configurable. Simple and sophisticated look.

This hud doesn’t save anything to the database, it only uses server and client cache to store information.

The hud not using esx_status


  • ESX and QB Compatibility
    Fully functional and compatible with ESX / QB(soon) / Custom Easy configurable
  • Settings Menu
    A menu where the user can configure which items should appear or which position should be.
  • Save on client cache
    All settings are saved in the client’s cache.
  • Horizontal or Vertical position
    The player chooses whether you want a horizontal or vertical hud.
  • Left or Right position
    The player chooses whether to hud on the left or right.
  • Compass
    Compass at the top of the screen showing vehicle direction when driving
  • Street Name
    In the left corner appears the name of the streets you are on, when you are driving
  • Display Radar Toggle
    Minimap appearing when in a vehicle.
  • Hunger and thirst
    Hunger and thirst system saving in server-side date.
  • Stress
    Stress system when shooting with weapons, but can be added in other features as well.


Easy setup, just download and run on the server.


You will receive and be able to download all released updates.


We did everything to make sure that the hud is working properly. In case of any bug we will be available to correct and assist you in the configuration and installation.



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Nice one


So don’t buy it and shut the hell up already. Why do you people just wait around the forums waiting for someone to post something to crap on? Seriously, get a life.


you too. get a life. whyyou give respon here ? this forum now full of money grabber

I recommend an option for an export to add new options like trew_hud_ui did it so we can easily call for new statuses to show

The problem with people like you is that they devalue other people’s work and thinks that everything has to be made free

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It’s not that… it’s just Script Writers never think of consumers… when you start buying scripts and cars at this price all the time it all starts adding up quite quickly

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I do not think it buys. that money does not cost that job, if I had carhud and many configurations I might pay a maximum of 20

No disrespect but this is definitely overpriced for what it is.
When there is already ev-hud that is essentially the same (minus the setting of % at which to hide icons)
Yes the config menu is nice but at the end of the day if you look at this then ev-hud $30 is just insane.

plug and play? no need to change anything in esx_status? also dependencies needed for this? asking before buy

Love the look of the HUD and the options, any chance for adding Stamina and Oxygen? I find those two things are missing a lot on HUDs at the moment (my opinion) :smiley:

Looks good I guess… But why 30 pounds for a hud which 700 different people already made? Why not make something completely new instead of this. Haven’t seen an original hud in months.

In saying this I would definitely buy this if you had it available for QB, lol

Plug n play for esx. No dependencies

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Any possibility of adding Stamina and Oxygen?

Weren’t you the same dude which said 10$ is high? LOL

Nice hud mate, looks Great!

Thanks friend

Script with 30% discount promotion!!

support so bad