[RELEASE] [PAID] Speedometer HUD by KlandesTino

Download & Payment

Luminous Development | Speedometer HUD (tebex.io) for $16.97


  • Compatibility
    Fully functional and compatible with vRPex / vRP / ESX / Qb and Others
  • MP/H or KM/H Display
    You can choose which unit of measurement is best for you
  • Seatbelt
    Seat Belt Indicator and also functionality, you can be thrown out of the car if you are without the seat belts.
  • Fuel Display
    Displays the amount of gasoline in the vehicle
  • Current Gear
    Gear indicator on vehicle
  • Odometer Display
    Odometer, measuring the distance already covered by the vehicle, if you want to configure in SQL you can save this information.


If you want to use the seat belt system you need to enable this in your server.cfg file

setr game_enableFlyThroughWindscreen true


We did everything to make sure that the speedometer is working properly. In case of any bug we will be available to correct and assist you in the configuration and installation.



gta speedometer

1 -- Fuel Gas
2 -- Brake Status
3 -- Handbrake Status
4 -- Odometer 
5 -- Tachometer 
6 -- Speedometer
7 -- Current unit of measurement
8 -- Current gear
9 -- Seatbelt Status (Green = Active / yellow = deactivated)

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Nice one!

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0.08ms is about what i would expect from a speedometer resource that constantly has to check vehicle infos, sexyspeedometer with a custom skin uses about 0.14ms and 0.07ms using the default skin. Do note we’re not talking about 8ms, but 0.08ms, much different timeframes.

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@Blumlaut answered your question

i think you didn’t understand my answer, my answer was ironic, since 0.08 is a mess for a script

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0.08 and has * Script Obfuscated and IP locker I do not pay more for scripts, then it has a bug, you can not fix it and the dream ignores you

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[quote=“liro, post:7, topic:3260161, full:true”]

I made changes to the script, now it’s open source, only with ip verification

the script cannot be obfuscated nor can it have ip verification

Mess? What do you mean :shushing_face:
0.08 is not bad for a speedometer

It seems you dont have experience using or writing a speedometer. Other speedometer is more mess.

The loop sendnuimessage for rpm and speed will eat more cpu… and in the video the delay or refreshrate is quite fast imo.

But This could still be optimized imo maybe down to 0.02-4 when running a vehicle.

And idle should be always 0.01
Not in vehicle can be 0.0 no threads at all.


omg … a comparison with a very badly written speedometer like sexyspeedometer is ridiculous, rather sign that the quality of the one offered here is not right if you really have to compare sexyspeedometer with this product here!

Since you are apparently a mega-brained codewriter you could suggest optimisations instead of blaming “bad code!!” on something that cannot be avoided, 0.08ms is perfectly fine and absolutely as you would expect from any resource like this, i invite you to take a look at the code of similar speedometers and determine the same thing.

But hey, to suggest improvements one would actually need to know what they’re talking about, right? Unhelpful criticism is muuuch easier :slight_smile:

edit, also, sexyspeedometer and “unoptimised”, really? have you even looked at the code as of recent?

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sexyspeedometer is one of a good free speedometer out there.
its a non NUI but the design is quite good ( last time i used it, its uses a drawsprite )

Actually its all the same if we will benchmark the performance.

using NUI HUD will cost more CPU @ Taskmanager (Subprocess Chromnium) (cpu usage to transition etc from animation css can be very very high cpu usage if unoptimized css)

using sexyspeedometer method DrawSprite Cause Cpu MS can be seen at resmon (much be higher cpu ms than NUI because of the method ). ( without subproccess)

in short a Drawsprite non NUI can be a little better to NUI HUD with 0.08 in terms of performance? maybe…

I’m studying some ways to optimize even more, I got optimize about 0.01 ms, but is not simple because send message to nui is very heavy…

From my experience DrawSprite is not quite as fast as it could be, i reckon with a bit of aggressive optimisations an NUI Speedometer could be much faster than a DrawSrpite one while looking and behaving much better. but that discussion is something for another time :slight_smile:

Sexyspeedometer shows what was possible 4 years ago, now i think its time for people to test the limits of whats possible in 2021.

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The speedometer is very optimized

i fixed it to rewite it and it works with 0.01 Maximum

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nicee men

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