[RELEASE] [PAID] Armoured Truck Robbery

This script will allow you to rob any armoured truck, it comes with an extensive config which will allow you to edit the script to your liking.

With this script armoured trucks will drive around the map like any other car so you can rob them.

Buy Here https://vulcan770.tebex.io/package/4461266

==Required Resources

Drilling Minigame GitHub - meta-hub/fivem-drilling: Simple drilling minigame scaleform script.

bt-target GitHub - brentN5/bt-target

mythic_notify GitHub - FlawwsX/mythic_notify: This is the most latest version of mythic notifications, before being taken down.


What rewards can i set ? Money and items ? or just one of them ?

It has config options for both money and items.

What’s the difference between this one and T1GER’s version?

T1GER: Truck Robbery

With this the trucks actually drive around the map instead of going to a specific spot to make them spawn and it isn’t just a progress bar when breaking into the truck instead it’s a minigame. I don’t have his script so I can only go off the differences shown off in his pictures.

Another great release from the main man himself.

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That its half the price, it has the drilling minigame and you have to find the truck ? Very different

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It sure is but it feels like this script is straight up stolen. Seems like he has just taken a few parts from different scripts and put it together into one and changed the main core. Not a big fan of that, but for those who like it; go for it.

You do realize that is what all developers do, right? They don’t handwrite their code. They initially copy/paste & them optimize. Any deveolpoer that says they 100% write their own code is a liar.

That is not true, of course we take inspiration but when it comes to similar functions (which this script has) I won’t support it.

And to be honest, all OG developers are doing the majority of their code from scratch. There are too much crap out here on the forums.

Damn panda out here hatin :stuck_out_tongue: Did u even buy the script ?

Almost all my scripts are made completely by me, I made all my robberies server synced in ways that other robberies haven’t. My modified Mechanic jobs take a huge chunk from regular but wrote my own code to make it completely different.

Some developers need help in certain areas they are not familiar with. This is why you see developers take bits and parts from others. There is nothing wrong about it…

It is true. You can’t make up code. Everyone that’s makes scripts copies it, optimizes it, and adds their own flare. I’ve seen it.

I’m not hating on people that do this, I’m just saying people need to stop getting onto people for making a script better and adding their own flair to it.

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I don’t know if the code is the same, but this was already posted 1 year ago: [Release][ESX] Money Truck Robbery's

Again this one doesnt make them drive around the map, and is pretty poor overall, this looks alot better

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Yes it does ?

The only difference i see is a minigame and target tracking. Im not trying to hate on the script but just makes me think your speaking on stuff you haven’t even looked into.

This is just absolutely wrong. I’m sure this is the case for a fair amount of “developers” (and I’m being nice when I call them that)…But there are many devs that most of the time don’t even use public code because 90% of it’s just badly written. Don’t confuse config editors with actual developers. It’s embarrassing.

Can u upload a vid of how it works?

It’s hella proken mate…

Spawns new stockade like every minute, minigame ui dissapear after 3 sek.
I installed everything clean and fresh

I’ve messaged you and will help you with your issues.

EDIT: Helped him fix his issue.