[Release] - NC-LoadingScreen (V1.0)

Advanced LoadingScreen for FiveM servers.
Preview: Streamable - Advanced LoadingScreen for FiveM - (nc-loadingscreen)



I have seen this screen in other stores :thinking:

Great looking script!

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You may have seen it before here in cfx, they deleted my post cuz I made a mistake with the link.

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It’s this, I saw it in the discord group before

u right, one of my clients - in the past the loading screen was for sale.
I decided to release it officially :slight_smile:

amazing job bro I’m glad I’m part of your customers


I have a problem, the music cannot be turned off

First time I’m hearing about this problem, feel free to send me a private message and I’ll be happy to try to help

Can’t turn off the music and can’t move the mouse either

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Can anyone help with the volume html error please?

me to did u got a solotion?