[RELEASE] [Free] QBCore - HeadBag script

Simple HeadBag system adapted to QBCore.
Preview: Streamable - HeadBag Script - Compatible with QBCore - (nc-headbag)


  • Easy configuration
  • Important to know - you can only use with the headbag when the hands of the person in front of you are raised.
  • Github link - Download: https://github.com/NaorNC/nc-headbag
    If you like it, leave a star on github. thanks!

    It is important for me to say, the idea of the system was taken from lilabyte.

HOT UPDATE! - in our discord server has a giveaway for 3 Discord Nitro + QBCore files.
You can find the discord in github.

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nice work bro… thanks :heart:

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Glad to hear, enjoy!

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haters will hate, this is amazing

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Thank you, appreciate!

Good job mate.

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Thanks brotha!

How do the person or i remove the bag?

Even though we’ve already talked and I helped you with what you need - I’ll write to people who don’t know.
To remove the headbag from the player, you will need to use the item again.

Looks nice! Good for RP and it surely looks funny as hell :rofl:

Amazing, maybe ESX?

what is the item name to get it in a blackmarked shop or inventory?

whats the weapon on back script