[Release] mumble-voip, rp-radio

ITS NOT showing the radio lift with the mumvle voip , it works no errors and shows everything but the radio list however its turned on in config

i keep getting errors when i try to join ur sever

Does anyone know how to see whos in the radio?

was this solved i cant do this too?

Hi Frazzle i have a problem. I downloaded mumble-voip & rp-radio but when i join a channel i shop up in the radio list as normal but when i leave the channel I stay in that same channel, when i do /radio again the radio list stays open and the same if i browse frequencies

Hi nitro20 I want to join your fivempd server

how do you make it so the keybinds show up in the keybinds setting when you press esc? Also how do you make it so it shows who is in the radio channel.

Hi can anyone help me, I have got the radio working and when it is on i cannot use it whilst the radio is away, any solution for this?

Got the config file. There should be an option at the bottom that tells you if you can use the radio while its. hidden.

I am trying to give access to certain people for certain frequencies. how would i do that