[Release] /me but the text is 3D printed

3D /me

A FiveM script written in LUA that implements the /me command with 3D printing.

The /me command allows you to display a specific action above the head of a player. It’s particularly used for actions that couldn’t have been done in game in a roleplay context.



Previous versions

V1.0 : 3dme.rar (1.6 KB)
V1.1 : 3dme.rar (1.6 KB)
V1.2 : 3dme.rar (1.7 KB)
V1.3 : 3dme.rar (1.9 KB)
V2.0 : 3dme.zip (3.0 KB)
V2.1 : 3dme.zip (3.1 KB)

Github : https://github.com/eblio/3dme
Direct : V2.2 - 3dme.zip (3.3 KB)


  • Download the resource ;
  • Drag and drop it into your resources folder ;
  • Add ensure 3dme to your server configuration file.

How to use

  • In the chat type /me followed by your action.


Parameter Line Suggestion
Color of the text config.lua : line 6 color = { r = 230, g = 230, b = 230, a = 255 }
Font of the text config.lua : line 7 font = 0 (available fonts)
Time on screen config.lua : line 8 time = 5000
Language config.lua : line 4 language = 'en'


Previous updates


  • The text display an exact amount of time (thanks to @SaltyGrandpa) ;
  • Added “the person” at the beginning of the text (Line 16 if you want to change the language) ;
  • Using /me multiple times doesn’t make it unreadable.


  • Bugs fixes ;
  • Changed the native color and removed the shadow and the outline (you can still reactivate it) ;
  • Now draw when you are close to the person (50 m).


  • Now send a chat message to the people close to the person ;
  • Can now draw a background to the text ;
  • Added the options to draw a dropshadow.


  • The command is now server sided ;
  • No longer creates logs, you will have to use a real log resource ;
  • No longer prints the action in the chat ;
  • Removed some design options (background and dropshadow) as it’s no coherent with the idea I had on the resource ;
  • The code has been globally updated, more comments, more optimisation ;
  • Some bugs have been fixed.


  • Added Onesync Infinity support thanks to @glitchdetector ;
  • Replaced __resource.lua by its new version fxmanifest.lua.


  • Added a config file, including the possibility to choose a language ;
  • Added command suggestion ;
  • Reformated some code and the README.


  • This may not work if are you using a custom chat resource.
  • This could conflict with other /me scripts (disable them).

Do you have a 2D version?


Do you mean something wrote in the chat ? Or something that don’t follows players movements ? I haven’t done any of these.

No I’m looking to see if you have the non-3D version, aka 2D.

cool release :slight_smile: good idea to have it like this

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Ok, I’ll not provide different version at least you should try this one.

I think family rp or nopixel has the same thibg but its looks different color wise I believe.

Either way I think its cool.

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That’s nice

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This is really clever, got to give you that one. Very “small” & efficient script for many servers that actually does something instead of the standard /me command. This would be a nice touch to any server in my opinion.
Well done!

Best regards

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Nice job :slight_smile:

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Good job dude, but text can i see trought the buildings. How can i fix it?

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Thank you. Maybe with CAN_PED_SEE_PED(ped, ped) you can fix this issue.
I will try to do it later (probably in a few days).
In case you fix it, feel free to share. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love this. Question though. Why does 500 = around 13 seconds? :grin:

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Because it depends of the execution time of the script. :smile:

any way we can add into the script to tie the logs into a discord webhook?

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That’s totally possible but as I don’t know how discord things work I’ll not do that, or maybe later.
I don’t know if this tutorial is up to date but take a look at it : [HOWTO] Send Discord messages with CFX-Server

Nice, i suggest you to put something before the actions like “this guys…”

Yep why not.
Also, CanPedSeePed() seems to work but I had strange results so I’ll not release that already.

You can use IsTrackedPedVisible :wink:

Depends on framerate.