[Release] McDonalds Job | A Fast Food Restaurant Job for ESX

DefectGaming’s McDonald’s Job | Fast Food Restaurant Job
A simple, highly customizable fast food job for ESX-Legacy

The Basics
There are 3 different roles to choose from.
A Cook, someone that cooks fries, burgers, pours drinks, and prepares meals for the cashier.
A Cashier, someone that takes orders at a register, collects the order and delivers it to the seated customer.
A Delivery Driver, someone that collects orders for outbound delivery, they can use either their personal vehicle or a vehicle provided by the company.
There is now a Mini Advanced Mode which enables the Cashier(s) and Delivery Driver(s) to be reliant on the Cook(s) to prepare the meals, If no cook is cooking meals, no customers get their meals and if no customers get their meals, no one gets paid. This is togglable through the Config

Almost Everything about this script is customizable through the config.lua.

  • All Delivery Locations: Cashier and Driver.
  • Vehicles: Bike and Van.
  • Deposit Prices: $150 for bike $300 for van.
  • Job Marker Locations.
  • Pay Rates: Per successful job.
  • Pay Bonus: Extra pay the more work you do.
  • Job Times: Time it takes to complete a task.
  • Rule Breaking Fines: Amounts that get deducted from player for being a bad employee.
  • Firing System: A configurable amount of rule breaks before being instantly dismissed.

And much more!

Currently only comes with English Locales, about 95% of the English locales are done.
If anyone can do any translations it would be awesome if you could create a pull request on GitHub to add them for everyone I will give credits to the locale(s) you create, I tried with google translate but it is very difficult.

Newest Updates

  • Workers get penalized for stealing food.
  • Now enforcing Delivery Drivers to use McDonalds Work Vehicles.
  • Fine system: Worker gets fined a configurable amount for stealing food.
  • Firing system: after a configurable amount of times a worker has broken the rules they will be instantly dismissed(Fired)!

Updates for the Future

  • NPC’s for Player Orders - Somewhat Done
  • Add Inventory Between Cook and Cashier/Delivery Driver - Done
  • Create/Find New Building - Done


  • [es_extended(v1-final)]
  • [esx_menu_default]
  • [esx_addonaccount]
  • [esx_addoninventory]
  • [esx_basicneeds]
  • [pNotify] or [Mythic_Notify]
  • [progressBars]


Development and Support will no longer be given for this plugin.

GitHub Support Link:



No longer available

FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Q: Why is nothing showing up but I have the McDonalds Job?

  • A: This is likely due to the fact that you have spelt the resource incorrectly in your server.cfg meaning the resource has failed to start.

  • Q: I get the error of “A weird error has occurred with dgrp_mcdonalds” when trying to start the resource, whats wrong?

  • A: Maybe dont change things, if you can’t fix it redownload the addon and don’t change anything but the config file this time.

  • Q: Why does rain come inside the building?

  • A: This happens with all YMAP buildings GTA weather cannot detect YMAP Collisions.


Which ESX version?

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Only V1 at the moment, I unfortunately cannot get v2 working correctly, so am unable to test sorry.

I also added a requirements section on this post, its the same as the one on the github page, but just incase.

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every time I enter the city I have to set myself in the profession, the blip does not appear


Thanks for the heads up, I will have to try and find proper references to get and set jobs, as I was thinking method I ised is quite janky and ineffective, I noticed too that sometimes the blips wont get deleted and keep adding up, this too I cannot seem to figure how to fix. Hopefully some knowledgeable people can modify and create a pull request on github, this is my first script and still learning the lua ropes, thank you for trying the addon :slight_smile:

it’s working really well, I’m just having this problem

Thats good im glad its working with minimal errors :stuck_out_tongue: , Its early in the morning here atm, I will do my best to fix tomorrow, thanks again for the heads up :slight_smile:

local currentPlayerJobName = ‘none’ change to
local currentPlayerJobName = ‘McDonalds’
worked correctly

This is a good substitute if you have only the mcdonalds job on your server, but i would imagine if you change jobs it may break again, normally the job should be set automatically upon the player joining the server, this is where the script is going wrong, it knows if you change your job to McDonalds through the job listings, but it doesnt know if you join the server already with the McDonalds job title

this job will be a whitelist in my city, so it looks great to me, thanks for your work

Ah cool idea, thanks for the feedback, all the best with your server/city :slight_smile:

Great release, it has the potential! I can’t wait for future updates.


Thank you for the kind words :slight_smile:

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You can also use these items you want [RELEASE] [ESX] McDonalds Items


Thats awesome! Thanks for linking, I do have basic items with my script like, McDonalds Drink, McDonalds Burger, McDonalds Fries and a McDonalds Meal, but having menu items would be a great addition thanks for sharing for everyone

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No problem! I’ve had these items bookmarked for a while now and I saw your release initially and meant to reply with them :p.

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I’m excited to see you get those items incorporated! Hoping to add this as a whitelisted job too once it’s all done!

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Glad to hear you can integrate the items! :slight_smile:

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Its great! It has just opened the doors to a whole heap of new opportunities, am already working on making orders generated randomly with a random burger, random side, random drink and sometimes a McFlurry :wink: aiming to have a toggleable function for simple or advanced, simple will be the way it is now and advanced will be individual items and either one person forfilling both cooking and delivering or another players handling other jobs.

i keep getting this error everytime i put in the sql
Static analysis:

1 errors were found during analysis.

  1. Unexpected token. (near “INSERT” at position 365)

SQL query:

INSERT INTO job_grades (id, job_name, grade, name, label, salary) VALUES (NULL, ‘McDonalds’, 0, ‘McCleaner’, ‘Mc Cleaner’, 200), (NULL, ‘McDonalds’, 1, ‘McCashier’, ‘Mc Cashier’, 250), (NULL, ‘McDonalds’, 2, ‘McCook’, ‘Mc Cook’, 250), (NULL, ‘McDonalds’, 3, ‘McDelivery’, ‘Mc Delivery Driver’, 250), (NULL, ‘McDonalds’, 4, ‘McBoss’, ‘Mc Boss’, 350) INSERT INTO items (name, label, weight, rare, can_remove) VALUES (‘mcdonalds_burger’, ‘McDonalds Burger’, 1, 0, 1)

MySQL said: Documentation

#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'INSERT INTO items (name, label, weight, rare, can_remove) VALUES('m' at line 9

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