Can you use ace perms and if so what is the code

I found that if you have any menus make sure ignore player is off or else it will not work

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How do I make it follow?

does this script work in Q B U S framework?

you are now adding , after every identifier it should be like this

Does anyone meets issue like that?

It appears only for woman model, and freezes whole menu without possibility to unfreeze. Only reloging is working.

i can’t get the attack to work ?

how to make the dog attack ppl? and follow ppl?

Is there a way to disable controller controls? All controller controls except the point + F1 control?

I have been up and down the client.lua trying to figure out how to change key bind and most importantly how to make the k9 attack another player instead of attacking me. any help will be greatly appreciated

Ok so disreguard the key question I just need to know how to make it attack the other player instead of attacking me

What should I do what I get this message? - Failed handshake to server - HTTP/2 stream 3 was not closed cleanly before end of the underlying stream - CURL error code 92 (Stream error in the HTTP/2 framing layer).

how do i download this??

can we change the keybind

A few of the officers in a server were looking at trying to reskin the Shep to make it more realistic. is that possible with this script?

Is the keep calm script that your talking about a script to calm down AI?

For those asking how to change the keybinds. It is in the client.lua file. This is what I changed mine to so the 9 key makes the K9 follow, heel, bite, and get in/out.

Very cool release! Thanks

How do I add a vest to the K-9

For the people who need Ace Perms, I have implemented them. U can edit the ace perm you would like to use in the config.lua. Currently set to “group.k9”.

LSRPC-K9.rar (767.5 KB)