[Release] Jobs System v2.1 and Paycheck v2.1

Resources for FiveM allowing the user to have a job (Jobs System) and receive a paycheck every 10 minutes (Paycheck)

Jobs System

UI Job

Paycheck v2.0

Download :

Jobs System v2.1 + Paycheck v2.0 (English Version)

Resources for FiveM allowing the user to have a job (Jobs System) and receive a paycheck every 10 minutes (Paycheck)


  • EssentialMode (No CouchDB, SQL version only)
  • MYSQL Async
  • es_freeroam

Job System v2.1 features

  • Adding a point (blip) to change jobs, several points can be added
  • Addition of several trades in the selection menu, you can add them thanks to a table
  • SQL Script to integrate

Paycheck v1.0 or Paycheck v2.1

                                  Paychek v1.0	                        Paychek v2.1
Biggest advantage	              No need for anything else to work	    Different pay for each group
Sends a paycheck every 10 min	  Yes	                                Yes
Sends a notification to the user  Yes	                                Yes
Paycheck depending on job user	  No, same value for everyone	        Yes
SQL Script to integrate	          No required	                        Yes

Install Jobs System v2.1

Wiki Page

Install Paycheck v1.0

Wiki Page

Install Paycheck v.2.0

Wiki Page

Update Job System v2.0

  • Add UI Job
  • Add a better menu (Can not go with the menu open, if the menu is open the player can not move)

Update Job System v2.1

Update Paycheck v2.1


Good job but why you have that in your script ?

require "resources/essentialmode/lib/MySQL"
MySQL:open("localhost", "gta5_gamemode_essential", "root", "")

It’s useless

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For the moment, yes it’s for later.

Thanks for this dude <3

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good job congratulation

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Thanks for this release ! good Job dude :slight_smile:

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Add v2.0

  • Paycheck depending on job user
  • SQL Script to integrate
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oh great update ! thanks you so much for this :slight_smile:

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Do you have a systemn working with that for selecting a job ?

I will work there :slight_smile:


ok good tanks you no good script

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What ? I did not understand

Can we help you in order to give the job?
If you work on it currently

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Help me select a job?

Yep, a menu for set a job ingame

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I replied to you MP :slight_smile:

Update Project

  • Add Jobs System v1.0



very good job man :wink:

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Aurait tu un script mineur ou le même systeme genre Récolte et vente ?

Would you have a minor script or the same kind of harvesting and selling?

I will do it but I do not now, before I will do an inventory system