[Release] Harvest/Treatment/Selling Jobs System v1.1


Resources for FiveM RP allowing user to recolt/treat/sell stuff



  • Download the resource here :
  • Place the folder vdk_recolt to resources folder of FiveM
  • Execute dump.sql file in your database (will create the tables and the constraints)
  • Change your database configuration in config.lua
  • Populate the recolt, jobs and coordinates tables (with sample.sql if you want)
  • Change the recoltDistance and timeForRecolt variables in vdkrecolt.lua like you want

Database explanations !

  • coordinates : here you put the x, y, z coordinate of your field, your treatment place or seller, just the coordinates
  • recolt : it’s a link table between items, jobs and coordinates. In it you add the raw item ID, the treated item ID, the job needed to recolt (feature not implement yet), and the ID of the tree position of the field, treatment place and seller.


Go to the position of your places in order (field->treatment->seller) and appreciate :wink:

For help

Search a minimum with your brain and post CLEAR and DOCUMENTED question please :wink:


It’s only my second script so the valuables proposals are always welcome :wink:


  • 24/04
    Add the maximum capacity restreint on recolt (in vdk_inventory => so you need to UPDATE it)

Do you install all requirements ?

Yes sir, i install the requirement

So we need to create directly our own weed farm or it’s done with your archive. ? If you can make a tutorial vidéo of how to setup correctly like (add job etc…) it would be very nice to understand. In french :slight_smile:

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yeah what he said am confused what the purpose with this mod and show an example of u make one. like a video

I try that! Thanks you!

I have same problem https://puu.sh/vusb5/5fd40fabbc.png Error Code: 1215. Cannot add foreign key constraint

Do you have the Job System installed ?

uh uh… u right! sorry

Good release :slight_smile:

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The purpose is tout create the famous recolt/treatment/selling used in the RP server, you recolt raw items, you treat them and sell them.
I’ll try to precisely explain how to make it works :wink:


Hi, very nice jobs! It’s possible to hide blips and when a player choose a job the blips is visible?


In my next update yes :wink:

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it’s possible to add sample? :confused:

Nice, i’m waiting! :slight_smile:


Add sample.sql to test

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“Casserole” :joy: :joy:

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No file simple.sql !



I have complet all ligne in my db and when i go to the field i don’t have message to press to recolte. It’s normal or not?