[HELP] - Jobs system v1

Hi ! i use this script [Release] Jobs System v2.1 and Paycheck v2.1.
and i have an idea but i don’t know how to do that. I would like, when i choose a job, the job spawn me in particular pos and give me weapon or skin?

Is it possible? :d

If you know a little bit the lua take your script and just take the function of “IsNear” and add it to this script “[Release][ES] Loadouts (v2.2)” and this script have a GUI “[Release][WIP] GUI menu for /loadouts” Good luck

Thanks men ! But no, i don’t have a good level, because i’m just starting in LUA

Are you french or english ?

Hi ! I’m french :slight_smile: Why?

Do you have a teamspeak or discord to talk i’m french too