[Release] Japanese outfit Female&Male Bundle

Hello everyone !
I don’t know if you guys are really interested by this kind of clothes, but here’s a big pack of a Japanese outfit for Female and Male !
I’ll post some free stuff very soon, don’t hesitate to suggest something that i can make !
More screenshots bellow.
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You can buy:

In this Female Pack you have:

:green_arrow: One Kimono (5 textures) (15euros)
:green_arrow: One Hairstyle (5 euros)
:green_arrow: One headpiece (3 textures) (10 euros)

For Male:

:green_arrow:One top (4 textures) (10euros)
:green_arrow:One pant with shoes (1 textures) (15euros)
:green_arrow:One Hairstyle (5euros)

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Screenshots Female and Male

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amazing cloths !

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Thank you Patoche :heart:

Nice cloth ^^

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