[RELEASE] Fly to Cayo Perico with an NPC airplane ! [STANDALONE]

# Fly to Cayo Perico with an NPC airplane !


Hello !

Getting tired of TP ? Take an airplane !
Here’s our new release: An NPC airplane to fly to Cayo Perico with your friends!

This script is open source and has no ip lock. Feel free to edit this script as you want.
This script is developed by @Sarish
You can get this script on my [TEBEX store] !


What does the script do ?


Just simply fly to Cayo Perico (And Cayo to Los Santos) driven by an NPC and take your friends with you in the airplane!
Check my explanation video ! (below)


  • Go to the point and press E.

  • You’ll be teleported in a airplane with 6 places left (+ you and the NPC driver = 8 places).

  • The airplane will take off after a wait of 1min30. (You can change it but we don’t recommend you to do less time) During that time people can enter the airplane!

  • You’ll be automatically teleported in the airplane if some guys are already waiting in a plane.

  • The pilot will take you to the island of Cayo Perico !

  • Players on the ground cannot spawn a plane to leave Cayo if a plane is landing (It avoids unnecessary collisions and no RP)

  • The airplane is indestructible.

You can go from Los Santos to Cayo Perico, and vice versa!



  • Just simply drag and drop in your resource folder and start it !


Video Preview and explanation:




Requirements and Price

  • Standalone

  • Cayo Perico build 2189 OR only a Cayo Perico Map (NOT TESTED)

  • Price: 14€99 (without taxes)

You can get this script on my [TEBEX store] !


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Looks pretty neat, will think about buying.

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Thanks guys ! :blush:

You know what would make this more awesome? If you could add a config for more than one location then we could use this to fly people around to other places too.


@GG79 Yup, it’s planned !

Noice. Then I will buy this!

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Great stuff! But the location the plane leaves from Cayo Perico is where I have the shops located, can it be moved to the runway??

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@TayMcKenzieNZ Hey ! Feel free to change the position as you want !

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If you want to change the coords of the spawn of the plane just edit the line

spawn = x=4483.6806640625,y=-4457.1806640625,z=4.2489228248596,h=203.0

(H is the heading/rotation of the plane) to what you want, if at the departure the plane go crazy just enable the blip (uncomment the line 71 to 103) to see what the path of the plane is.

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To be honest the approach and landing look bad and unrealistic…

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I’m having an issue where only I am able to get inside the plane. Others who press e in the marker are spawned outside the plane.

Any way to fix this?

Any error Client and Server side ? (F8 console for client and server console for the server)
Happen only one time ? every time ?

Could you show me the resmon performance? “F8 > resmon 1”

@Skimmey_Neutron Hey !
It’s between 0.01 and 0.02 ms :slight_smile:

So i think after anyone who had took the flight, the plane stays full and won’t be able to use again until script or server restart. Can you add check or something like after a plane takes off, wait a certain amount of time to make sure it refresh and able to use again?

I bought yours, but I can’t find where to download it