[Release] InteractionMenu

Use the config.lua to disable certain options

how to open menu?

I am getting an error: Error parsing script @SEM_InteractionMenu/config.lua in resource SEM_InteractionMenu: @SEM_Interactionmenu/config.lua:1: unexpected symbol near ‘’<\239>’

what does this mean, my config was barely even changed other than the custom menu title and button

Hello, I am having an issue where anytime I try and edit the config.lua and save it, upon server restart and I load in-game the menu won’t open. I try and open the menu but it doesn’t open at all. I never had this issue before as in the past back in summer '21 it worked fine. Ever since I got the updated version in December/January I have been having this issue. Anyone know why?

You get any error messages in F8 console?

Can you upload your config.lua? I might be able to fix it for you :slight_smile:

I believe you are doing discord permissions, I’ve still been trying to figure it out by myself.

I see menus like this that have animations to go alongside it (like cuffing someone triggers a small animation of the officer placing the civs hands behind thier back.) Is something like that easy to add or is it impossible without restarting the whole structre of the menu?

Which font is that in the header? It’s a really nice looking font

Just change the server event’s name and you’re good. :slight_smile:

I Can’t Use

Is it possible to edit the banner for the menu?

Is there a way to log who uses the jail command with this script? To prevent abuse.

What is the button for it