[Release] InteractionMenu

where can i change it

Hey just curious about the 1.7.1 Update, as ive been pushing off doing it for a while now…

Is there specific lines of code I can update to get the fix that 1.7.1 does?
My stuggle is, I have modified (added) a few more departments within the menu and dont want to have to redo all that work lol.


for some reason when i try and change the keybind to F5 it just doesnt work

look in the config for Config.LEOAccess, Config.FireAccess and any other config options that have Access in them

config.lua Config.MenuButton

v1.7.1 ONLY affects the dependency NativeUI so you can either disregard the update or change the dependency file only

try a different menu button to see if it work with that different one

thanks, its fixed now great release!

Hello I’m having an issue, because i have a cayo perico map in my five m server, i have to force my FxServer game build into 2372. is there anyway that i could get it to work with the Interaction menu or not. its a great release btw. Thanks

how do I make it so only a certain discord role can use LEO and EMS

Anyone else keep getting SEM_InteractionMenu version check failed

You should add some server sided checks. I mean it’s super easy for a modder to mass jail in any server regardless of the anticheat they have in place.

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Hi I just need a little help, I had added extra to my LEO menu for vehicles but they don’t load when you bring them in. I have removed Cache. Restarted server and the resource many time to no success. I have the coding for two vehicles as such:

{name = ‘14 Charger’, spawncode = ‘sv4’, livery = 0, extras = {1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11}},
{name = ‘18 Charger’, spawncode = ‘dfd18chgr’, livery = 1, extras = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10}},

Thank for any help sorting this

Have you tried spawning it with another menu?

We can spawn it through this menu and vMenu but this menu allows you to have the extras automatically added when spawning, which is the part that’s not working. This is why we are using this menu as it works great for our LEO and Fire/EMS.