[Release] InteractionMenu

is there a way to make On-duty Logs for this???

  1. Is there a way for admins to clear speed zones someone has created but forgot about?

  2. For some reason, speed zone blips are client side only and not synced. Any ideas?

is there a way to make [Release] EmergencyBlips work with the onduty command

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is there a way to turn controller support on?

Best Interaction Menu on FiveM ever bro

  • My Favorite feature is the Civilian Adverts.
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how do I make it so everyone can use it?

what is the best way to make a Hands-on Head Option in the Menu for civilians, Animation would make them put their hands up and on their heads and kneel. Not a scripter so advice is needed :slight_smile:

how do i change the open menu to f6

i need help to change the menu to open with f6

Third one from the top.


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