[Release] InteractionMenu

ye head into the config.lua, look for Config.LEOAccess and change it to 4 then give people the sem_intmenu.leo permission

Sorry everyone for the delayed responses

@Pharos Yes, while working on the new version I found this issue. Could you head over to the GitHub Issues page and open an issue and I’ll add the code in there so I can link it to others that have the same issue while I work on the new version.

Someone in our Discord mentioned this issue (idk if you are the same person) but I believe we fixed the issue I can’t remember I’ll see if I can find out for ya


A suggestion I would have is to add the option to reference dpEmotes rather than just some basic emote functions that are listed in the emote section. I am not great by any means at coding but made it work with what is posted below… I would think it could be similar to what you did with the radar where you make it an option rather than a forced thing like I have… Just something that I thought of but love the menu!

if EmoteRestrict() then
local EmoteMenu = NativeUI.CreateItem(‘Emotes Menu’, ‘External Emote Menu’)
EmoteMenu.Activated = function(ParentMenu, SelectedItem)

I believe I did As You Asked. Do you by chance have a ETA for a fix?

I’ll keep that in mind for the next update! thanks

Check your GitHub issue, responded in there

how do it get the menu with the hospitalize and unhospitalize

Hospitalizing is already a part of the fire menu and is by default enabled, however, to unhospitalize you need the sem_intmenu.unhospital ACE permission

Ah, okay. Looking for one that could do both. Thank you!

Is there anyway that you can whitelist the menu?

hey so any way to make it play a sound a emote when cuffing? and if yes could you tell me how

is there a way to force LEO, so i can paste someones SteamID and then they see LEO toolbox

@Scott1 Is there a way to a not have a random shotgun spawn in your weapon wheel when u get out of a emergency vehicle? this is then u toggle the shotgun to be locked in your car

The vehicle is a big file, spawning add on cars to a server causes all servers to stress; when texture loss starts to happen that means its a big file for that car. The best way to optimize it is going into the YTD file through OpenIV and lowering the texture sizes of things a person wont normally look at. i.e. Trunk items, interior dashboards, can decals, developer decals, computer panel and or radio textures etc.

The lower the texture size the less time it takes for FiveM to load it and the less stress it will have on a server

or just reduce all the “4K TEXTURES!!!111111111” to 1024x1024 since fivem does that anyway

When I have all my discord tags, I still do not have access to the LEO Menu Toolbox? Any idea? I’ve restarted my PC, reset cashe, launched w/o discord twice and rejoined with discord.

Yeah, well I changed it to four, however, where do I find the sem_intmenu.leo permissions?

Thanks bro for real, now getting this shi to my server!