I been looking for a good hazmat suit for a long time, and have never found one for GTA 5. I decided to convert a 3D model from pack 3D models into fiveM, as promised on my server for a long time it is finally here. This will not require EUP to work. This is my first ped/eup thing I done so if there are bugs or issues tell me. I will be releasing soon some SCBA gear for EUP and some police vests so stay tuned!


More pictures:


LSPD Traffic Unit: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-ls-police-traffic-unit-non-els

BCSO Ford Explorer https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-bcso-ford-interceptor-2014-non-els

SAF Medic 59 skin: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-saf-ambulance-skin

SAFR Pack: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-fire-department-non-els-livery-pack

SAFD Siren Pack: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-fire-department-siren-pack

SA DOT Pack: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-sa-dot-pack-santrans-non-els

BCSO Pack (american flag): https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-bcso-sheriff-pack-american-flag-non-els-all-blues/

SASP Blue and White (stripes) pack: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-state-patrol-vehicle-pack-sasp-version-1-1/

CHP C172: https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-highway-patrol-c172-airplane-chp-based


this seems appropriate given the current world situation :rofl:
nice release and model tho


Wtf -.-

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Its just a regular hazmat suit

level B hazmat suits, pretty accurate good work


Anyone know how i can put this into ambulancejobs cloakroom? so you can change the clothes to this

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its corona time :tada:


Please upload directly to the forums, thanks!

Dont like uploading directlly to the forums.

Why not? Read the releases rules-it’s required.

Maybe you should read them, moast of devs upload them to third party and " upload methods may be shared via a third-party upload service as long as it’s not a money generating or URL shortened link (i.e. adf.ly , bit.ly ). Examples of trusted third-party upload services: MEGA , Google Drive ."

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Notice how right before that it says “A release over the file size limit” Either way, not going to argue. :wave:

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one way to do it would be to do like i did and take the cloakroom system from esx_policejob and put it into ambulance job that system allows for you to use a ped skin like this too

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How can you equip this? Possible through Lambda?

You just spawn it in.

How to do it through lambda?

Im pretty stupid, still hasnt found a way to put this into for an example policejobs cloakroom so i can equip it.

if u have vmenu go in addons.json and add the ped called HazmatPPE

open esx_policejob\client\main.lua
and find this in my file it’s around line 205 but it is probably a lot further up in you’re

	if Config.EnableNonFreemodePeds then
		table.insert(elements, {label = 'Sheriff wear', value = 'freemode_ped', maleModel = 's_m_y_sheriff_01', femaleModel = 's_f_y_sheriff_01'})
		table.insert(elements, {label = 'Police wear', value = 'freemode_ped', maleModel = 's_m_y_cop_01', femaleModel = 's_f_y_cop_01'})
		table.insert(elements, {label = 'Swat wear', value = 'freemode_ped', maleModel = 's_m_y_swat_01', femaleModel = 's_m_y_swat_01'})

and change it into this

	if Config.EnableNonFreemodePeds then
		table.insert(elements, {label = 'Hazmat', value = 'freemode_ped', maleModel = 'hazmat', femaleModel = 'hazmat'})

now if you enable Config.EnableNonFreemodePeds to True it will show up in the police locker room
if you need help making it work in ems lockerroom shoot me a dm :slight_smile:

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