Thanks dude!

Any clue on how to get this into ambulancejob aswell? I’ve tried copy 'n pasta but not good enough :stuck_out_tongue:

And theres one issue, im invincible. Do i need to be a patrion or whatever to stream this first?

no u dont, u probably have god mode on.

how do i put it on cause i installed it but i cant find it

Start it, and spawn it in

how do i start it?

I can already see where this is going… people gonna rp they got corona then turn into zombies lmao

love the ped though nice contribution

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coom time

Thank you! This fits perfectly with our new server "Wasteland ReallifeRPG"

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Wow dude,I’m building my own survival zombie world and i ve encountered some issues.
Do you mind if we chat in private just in case you could help me out?
Awesome map!

Would you ever also make a level A Suit?