[Release][FX] Whitelist/Blacklist System

Download Link:
You can use either 7-zip(free) or winrar if you have it to open the file.
This is my custom and one of a kind whitelist/blacklist system I have made myself and have used countless times and know it works
I have decided to release it in hopes it is useful to someone else as well
note though as always there is no support for this I will not support you at all, you are expected to know how to use php,mysql and manage a server.


My Custom and one of a kind whitelist/blacklist system(uses a php/mysql backend to allow dynamically adding admins/banning people,etc)


you are expected to know how to manage a server with php/mysql,etc if this sounds like greek to you; this isn’t the best script for you then

Copyright and Usage Restrictions

Copyright Information

This script/all its contents is copyrighted to KeyedInSoftware/timnboys all rights reserved
No Modifying, claiming as your own,etc the usual legal terms that basically say this isn’t your script don’t violate copyright laws!

Usage Restrictions

You may use this script in your fivem “clans”/“communinties” but it is required you do not say this is your own work! that would be considered copyright infringement, plagiarism and will be dealt with severely.
Furthermore this notice must stay intact with any copy of the script whether in part or whole and whether in binary or source code format

Link to the original work and author’s download link




… what?!


Also, “no modifying”, yet placeholders like this? uhhhhhh

that technically is the key to loading my .net c# dll file(it was used because back when I originally wrote this script; performhttprequest inside fivem/fivereborn did not work correctly.) and it was late last night when I uploaded everything so I have removed the no-modify provision(don’t know why I put that in there to start with.)
Sorry for the confusion.

Hi, first thank you a lot for this script.
I was wondering if there is any reason for using php and not make the db call directly from the .lua?

yes I made it in php because if you look in the code there is a specific reason why I used php over lua
and also because it makes the whole system “centralized” as I have used this with great success over 2 or more servers as I just put the fivem client files in the fivem server and all servers attached to the “central” backend all know who is banned,whitelisted,etc and therefore if you run multiple servers it is nice where every server regardless of how many once you whitelist,ban,etc a person there banned,etc across all servers instantly.

The download link is down!!!

not for me it isn’t do you even know how to use github?

This is what i get when I click your link

then sorry I don’t know what to tell you then.

can you post it to something else then? or post it to mediafire or something so I can download because I really would love it for my community. I am sure other people are having the same issue too.

I already updated the op with the system redone for fxserver on my “mirror” domain

would be great if the link worked

We use this one. Super simple and no database crap.

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server maintenance was happening and therefore the physical dedicated servers was down for a few days, there been back online though since last saturday at 12pm EDT.