[Release] Basic white/blacklist system

A very basic white or black list management based on SteamIDs

Version : 1.0.2



  • You can now use the classic SteamID64 or game specific Steam ID


  • Added a lowercase conversion so the check is case insensitive




  • Extract the archive in your resources folder
  • Rename the file default.config.lua to config.lua (to prevent override on - possible - update)
  • Edit the config.lua :
    • You can change the mode to ‘blacklist’ for a reverse check (=> SteamID must not be in the table to be able to join)
    • Edit the steamIdsList variable to your liking
    • You can edit the error message shown to the player

Don’t forget to add the resource to your citmp-server.yml, and set DisableAuth: false.

The check is made when the player is connecting, it’s a really early check, so the player doesn’t have to be fully connected to be rejected.

No database ?

Not for now, specially after the devs said that they will be implementing a MySQL library. I guess it’s better to wait and see.

You can do a restart whitelist via rcon / server console to reload and update the config file without restarting your whole server.



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thank you bro, i ll test

Thanks for your work.

What? Can you give a link?

Sure here it is : Should we move to ES3.0?

No problem ! Glad you’re using it

Not work with ~40 STEAM ID to whitelist, everybody is refused ( and everything works fine with ACL )

I just tried on my test server with ~70 ids and I don’t have any issue.

Maybe the default.config.lua is misleading, you need to put the ID like this

steamIdsList = {

If you check your server console / logs you should see entries "Checking whitelist for " and then the SteamID.

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Hello, thank you for your work but for me it does not work, I always have the message “You do not have access to this server.” I put the steamid in this form:

SteamIdsList = {

Thank you for your help.

Edit: Sorry I had zapped the game or the Steam Id did not have to be in the db. It works now thank you :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I don’t quite understand what was the problem but i’m glad you found a way to make it work !

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how can you find this steam id because if you have not been in game , you can’t
the best way will be the steamid64 but for now it’s not working


Go to this website and its the top one that just says SteamID with no numbers next to ID.

it’s not working i can not enter the server exept with the one already in DB

Having the same issue myself… Trying to figure out what is going on. I got it working for a hot second then shit hit the fan… Trying to figure it out… will let you know if i work it out.

will be great thanks

The game uses a hex version of the SteamID64, for example, my SteamID64 is 76561197989967459

You can then use a converter like http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/decimal-to-hex-converter and convert the SteamID64 to hex, that gives 110000101C53663 for mine.

The final entry for the game should be “steam:110000101C53663”, that’s what you add to the config.lua

That makes so much more sense! Thanks for the post!

No problem ! I’ll try to add the possibility to use the classic SteamID64 in the config of the script, so it’ll be easier for everyone

Hey guys,

I just released an update with support for standard SteamID64.

Working very well now with steamid64
thanks a lot
Is it possible to add steam id without restart the server with rcon ?
if yes how to use it please ?

Yes it’s possible, you can run the following rcon command :

restart whitelist