[Release][Free] VehicleShop

Hi, i wanted to share another script with you on forum.
so today im sharing with you edited Vehicle Shop


  • Test Drive
  • You dont have to go through whole vehicleshop to buy one specific car it only spawns the car that you want
  • Added option to pay with Cash/Card
  • Optimized

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Preview : Click Here

Update 28.03

  • Fixed server side problems

Update 05.05

  • Fixed some bugs
  • Now able to pay with card or cash even with

Config.EnableSocietyOwnedVehicles false

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is this not just the normal esx_vehicle shop just with a other menu ???

It’s edited like it said in the topic :slight_smile: I would say this one is better for servers with more cars

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Looks good man

Thanks appreciate the feedback!

Yes that was the whole purpose of this i had a server but most of my players had like slow internet or just wanted one car so i made this

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Not sure if you can call this a release.
In my opinion It’s more like Edit, wich basically adds 3 extra buttons.

Very vulnerable to LUA Executors.
Any kid with modmenu can obtain any vehicle

If you can think of better way to do it i will be glad to learn something

Its edit like i mentioned in description

unable to purchase

es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [esx_vehicleshop:buyVehicle] does not exist

Fixed in new Update please redownload on github

Fixed in new Update please redownload on github

Thanks for reminding me

still same es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [esx_vehicleshop:buyVehicle] does not exist

cannot click accept to pay by bank or cash

because you didnt downloaded it again i cant update it straight on your server

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i did it and it’s work now thanks <3

Anyone else have this problem? After I testdrive the script is unusable. no markers or anything. Need to restart it

problem with other things, it like i have no owned vehicle

issue with esx like i can’t be owner of my vehicle