[Release][Free] ID Card Items

Hi, i edited jsfour_idcard to work with items so im sharing it with you on forum.

Works with

ESX 1.1 / EXM

Update 26.03

Added Animation

Update 05.05

Basic CleanUP
Added option for mythic Notify

Preview :

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Police Bodycam
ID Cards


Nice thank you bro!

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Why not make a PR to the original repo?

Edit: I see the repo is archived :man_shrugging: so i see why you couldn’t. Their license seems to express that you’re not allowed to reupload it so idk jsfour-idcard/license.txt at master · jonassvensson4/jsfour-idcard · GitHub

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Leaked Hydra ID Card lmao

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If original author want me to take it down i will i dont have a problem with that

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Its most basic script just jsfour_idcard edited if you think its leaked then ok i dont mind it

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Than you for share!


if you drop the item or give it to someone does the player have still identity?

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Nope, this is basic script just to interact with ID card.

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thanks share

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any chance of this for 1.2 ?! ty <3

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I think it should work on 1.2 its just not in desc because i dont use it so i cant tell you

if you have any bugs or anything just leave a comment here with some details


@Amper_YY It should work on 1.2 esx try

it is not usable item
how to make it usable?

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dont work i´ve tried it before , not sure why but when u use the card it opens my Menu banner isntead of opening the identity

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It is usable ? did you changed the name of item ? if so change it also in server side

nope i didnt change anything at all

it works only with esx 1.1 cuz i have esx 1.2

Sure i will check the difference between 1.1 and 1.2 and will make it compatible when i have some time

If you have some idea what it can do make a PR on github

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If I die, does I loose the Cards?