[Release][Free] Tinus Flatbed

okey, i manage to get options , but it dont work ? any ideas?

Hey, you have any errors? It looks like the bed prop didnt spawn correctly. Are you sure it isnt getting deleted by any form of anticheat/antiprop?

hey just a question. for other clients its really laggy (not for the client that is operating it) is there a way to make it a bit smoother ?

With this script sadly not, You could modify it to have a different prop for each client but this would make it a lot more complicated.

welll… then they need to be fine with it lmao :smiley:

well it seems that the CamColision thing isnt working right on me tho. the Cam kinda goes inbetween the bed and the attached vehicle somehow and is unable to drive since we cant see shit lmao


I just downloaded your script and were trying it out but came across an error right away. I got this as soon I got out of the truck and tried to lower the bed.
I haven’t touched anything, just dragged and dropped it.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

I Have this Error :frowning:

Check out this post. [Release][Free] Tinus Flatbed - #37 by Herosander it has to do with you anticheat of a differeny script using these.

Seems the cam collision is still an issue for this one.

After almost a year of no updates i decided to go back and fix some bugs in old projects so here i am!

It seams like the only bug people where experiencing was the camera bugging out with the collisions of the attached vehicle. So i fixed it. Where before it happened some times now it doesnt happen at all. (Atleast not in my testing.) Let me know if there are still issues!

You can download the latest version (V1.0.7) from the GitHub repository: Release [Release][Free] tinus_flatbed · TinusNL/tinus_flatbed · GitHub

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^^^, Hope this resolves the issues you had.

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Any way to add support for flatbed towing?