[RELEASE] [FREE] guille_gangsv2 (Best FiveM gang script for ESX)

Just get the gang name with the callback, create a div with an span and let the text of the span with that.

im confused im not to good with allthis do you have a example i can look at please im sure it would be handy to alot of people aswell sorry to be hard work but i really want to get this sorted

or do i put it in here ?

I dont have an example, you can always see how trew hud works for example

Buen script!!! Quisiera saber cómo cambiar de tecla el menú del F11, el script va muy bien y no consume nada. Enhorabuena por el trabajo!!

my problem is that i am spamwing to 2 cars instedad of 1 that is my only problem

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Bcause you created 2 car spawn ints, and it work fine just puting one, my fault

yeah you was right thank you so much. last question how do i get the warmenu and how does it work? is this for gang fighting ?

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como abro el warmenu?

No jaja, warmenu is just a native menu [Release] WarMenu - Lua Menu Framework