[Release] fivem-ipl

Update 2021

Use bob74_ipl instead, this script is VERY outdated!!

The ultimate San Andreas IPL & interior loader for FiveM. The IPLs in FiveM that are loaded by default in vanilla GTA V are not loaded which results in a lot of buggy places with missing interior and more.

This script is contains bob74_ipl, iplLoader and other known IPL lists for the complete IPL loader.

IPL List

  • All apartments & offices
  • All bunkers, clubhouses and warehouses
  • Import / Export garages
  • Premium Deluxe Motorsport (Simeon)
  • Vangelico Jewelry Store
  • FIB lobby
  • Morgue
  • Grapeseed Cow Farm
  • Aircraft carrier
  • Galaxy Super Yacht
  • North Yankton (disabled by default)

There’s more IPLs loaded that aren’t listed, but you’ll find them when browsing the source.
You can also change the interior props in iplList.lua, see here for more information


Iv added this to my server, set it to start in my server.cfg. but nothing shows on the map. Is it supposed to show blips on the map or no?

No it is not suppose to show blips. It just loads content needed for certain areas of the map. Like the FIB Building, Aircraft Carrier,l Yacht, etc…

Oh ok then. So could this be used to update open interiors to be able to show the blips on the map?

@Hawaii_Beach Do you already have the IPLs from After Hours DLC or am I too fast? LOL

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After Hours DLC is not included in FiveM

I know, sweety. Thats why we need the IPLs so we van call them with this script in Fivem.
have a nice day!

how do i enable the north yankton

How do I get in the offices?

I am gonna have to install this and check it out. I have bob74_ipl in now.


Very good… I do have some fps spikes near paleto but very well and useful.
My only question is I can’t access Ft. Zancudo and am wondering what to change or add to fix this

Use lambda that’s what I use to tp to Yankton

Thanks for this useful resource… Can u add casino too? I mean building and interior of new Casino DLC.

in what position in server.cfg should the start fivem-ipl be as when i get into the server the content for some of the places ( methlab ) doesnt load the new props untill i type “restart fivem-ipl” in the console then it all works.

FIB lobby has a green window infront of the door any fix?

i have the same issue. Did you get a fix for this?

The doors to pillbox hospital are not open and if I noclip inside I fall through the ground.

Is there a collision map or a config file I need in addition to fix this?

use bob74ipl this is outdated