[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)

i have the patreon subscription but i cant download the eup :\

Hi there, I am new to EUP, was wondering how I can update it to 9.0+ latest version? I cant seem to find the 9.0 version anywhere? Can some one send me link asap please! Thanks. Also another quick question, if closes are 8.2 below 9.0 will they still show up if updated to latest eup? Thanks in advance.

For those who do not start the download try Microsoft Edge browser!

does anyone know how to reset my appeareance, i selected an outfit from the eup menu, but dont know how to get back to my created character lol

i cant get the eup stream to work

Same, I tried restarting it and everything

You can use this Code below to use the eup command only with policejob

    while ESX == nil do
        TriggerEvent('esx:getSharedObject', function(obj) ESX = obj end)
    while ESX.GetPlayerData().job == nil do
    PlayerData = ESX.GetPlayerData()

AddEventHandler('esx:setJob', function(job)
PlayerData.job = job

RegisterCommand('eup', function()
    if PlayerData.job ~= nil then
        if PlayerData.job.name == 'police' then
            mainMenu:Visible(not mainMenu:Visible())
            ESX.ShowNotification('Du bist nicht berechtigt diesen Befehl auszuführen!')
end, false)

Thank You

Hey, I got the patreon thing more than 6 hours ago and i can download the NativeUI and the eup-ui but im unable to download the eup-stream, when i click on it nothing happens, any ideas on why this is?

click and drag the eup stream.zip link into a new tab and it should automatically start downloading it.

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idk i have it i just bought it but it doesnt work

It won’t download.

when I click on the EUP link the stream it does not download

click and drag the eup stream.zip link into a new tab and it should automatically start downloading it.

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it the same for me

Hey For Some Reason I Cant Download EUP Stream Files Know Why??

i keep getting this i have a valid eup key
[ script:eup-stream] [EUP_UI]: You are not authorized to use this. If you bought it, send this IP to support for validation:

This is an augmented base package eup server side
you can use it, if I helped then put a heart

To everyone that thinks they don’t need it or see people putting you don’t need it you really do.

Thnx! This is working, but how do i add custom eup? I have downloaded dutch uniforms. But how do i add these to the eup menu and add it into the game?