[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)

The link is broken

I changed a browser and downloaded it,that worked

the Stream link desent work

Hey i like to add a Job check for the Menu i did somthing but it dose not work can you help me?
part of the Code:

ESX = nil
    ESX = obj

RegisterCommand('eup', function()
	local ped = PlayerPedId()
	local xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerData(source).job.name
     if xPlayer == "police" or "ambulance" then
		if GetEntityModel(ped) == GetHashKey("mp_m_freemode_01") then
			mainMenuM:Visible(not mainMenuM:Visible())
		elseif GetEntityModel(ped) == GetHashKey("mp_f_freemode_01") then
			mainMenuF:Visible(not mainMenuF:Visible())
			ShowInfo("You need to use an MP ped with EUP")
		ShowInfo("Du bist nicht im Dienst")
end, false)


I have the patreon and whenever I click on the eup-stream download it doesn’t do anything can anyone help ?

I changed to another browser and it worked

I can’t download the EUP stream

Same, I can’t download the eup stream

Yes as U said that happened to me and you have to do it off another browser like microsoft edge. That worked for me

It is important to read the description to make sure you have bought the 15$ Patreon subscription to FiveM, to receive the Element Club Argentum :cd: role in your name to make the eup work correctly.

what is that

i bought it but its not showing im in element club?

Can anyone help me?

i can’t download the stream folder

Inspect the page, the link is broken. This is what comes up for me.

I found if you right click on the link and open the inspect for it, it will allow you to download it from there. I hope this helps for now.

Alright, So I will say this it is made really good, But it doe’s have some flase, that could be worked out pretty easily If you know what you’re, Doing I fixed it for my self, and I like the product

I was wondering do you have a PayPal or anything that, I can donate to just to help you out. Because I love what you made, and I would love to support you In anyway possible.

Well you’re first problem is that, It’s ESX so sadly you can not add that script, Being it’s for a server, and this menu is more for close, But there are menu’s out there for this type of thing.

If you need any support finding the menu, You can fined it inside of the CFX, community discord server where everyone, Goe’s for support.

This helped a lot. Thank you!

Wont download anything when I click stream

I’ve subscribed on patreon for over 8 hours and I still cant download the eup stream file my emails are the same on here and on patreon please help.