[Release] EUP for FiveM (SERVER SIDED)

well let’s see if this works

I assure you: This works like a charm :wink:

anyone else using zap hosting? They say in the discord that " Any new and existing license keys will have these bonuses. If you are using ZAP hosting, you need to create a license key and enter this as “Custom license key” in the ZAP hosting control panel."

so my question is if i am using a license key via zap does that mean i still need to make a new key via keymaster???

i have paetron paid for it and all license key is in, now my server won’t start and i can’t even start the .bat file -_-

Then contact ZAP and don’t trash FiveM topics :wink: Thanks!

When will EUP be free, there is no way that it’s not reliable at this point.

can’t confirm. works absolutely fine.

Just wish he would update to a newer version

but the last time he was online was around the year 2018. so most likely hes gone.

the eup stream download doesnt work :frowning:

Are you subscribed to FiveM Patreons Element Club?

Nonono i mean like. the download part on the page

Cause it doesnt let me download it when i press on the eup-stream download

Then use mine.

Oki, is this still server sided?

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nvm i see, thank you

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