[Release] [ESX] Shops UI

FiveM - Shops UI

This script adds new UI to esx_shops and esx_weaponshop.
Required icons size: 64x64








My favorite release <3

im lazy where did you require the script to load the icon for the bread and water

Go to the shops table in the database and change the imglink.

Nice one but may I ask which character are you using in the video ?

Already installed and configured in my server. Love this kind of scripts

Update: check Github, I uploaded the es.lua (Spanish) for both scripts

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Im having trouble with Weapon Shop, theres nothing when i come to a marker from cfg. same as for Black Market? Is there any issue?

Same here.

Edit: is it just me or the main.lua in the client doesn’t look right? lol

esx_weaponshop should now work properly.

Better editing the .sql file from CREATE to INSERT because many people having problems because they already have the table in their database and they don’t want to delete it. It makes it more easy to use!

can u add link of those images? that would be cool . very nice one :slight_smile:

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Now im getting this message!

you need “mythic_notify” to work perfectly

Shop items are not showing up, weaponshop works for me.


I only get shop blips

it does not work for me. I do not throw any error in the console, in f8 I get this SEND_NUI_MESSAGE: resource esx_shops has no UI frame

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how do we show the picture path http://img?? or ‰PNG

any idea?? that shop query error?

same bug for me

Seems like updating the mysql-async fixed that problem @Sir_Smog1

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