[RELEASE][ESX] Realdopes - Produce Adrenaline Shots [UPDATED 11.11.2019]

Hello again everyone, I have updated the script. You can see the details below.
With this script, you can produce Adrenaline Shots which can be used to boost your speed and stamina.

Preview Video: https://streamable.com/0mffz

New features:

  1. Added base animation for production.
  2. Added effect to events for realism.
  3. Added animation to almost every event and their choices.
  4. Certain events have a better impact on production.
  5. Some choices for some events now actually require items.
  6. Localization files for English and Turkish.
  7. SQL file for items (both in English and Turkish)
  8. A bit cleaner coding which reduces resource usage.
  9. Marker no longer stays when production starts.
  10. Some more little details.

Download: https://github.com/utkuali/UPDATED-RealDopes-by-utku

Thanks @Kuzkay for choice system.
Also, I’m currently working on a bank heist script. Here you can check it out and comment your thoughts: Preview of Pacific Bank Heist by utku

Old Version

Hello FiveM Community, this is a 2 part script I was working on about 2 weeks ago.
With this, you can produce epinephrine which will later be used for producing Adrenaline Shots.
Adrenaline Shot has a great impact on my server. When you use one, you can run faster and become tireless for a chosen period and later you become exhausted.

I used @Kuzkay 's Meth cooking like in Breaking Bad [ESX] [Release] in my first script to add decision making production.

Also, I’m very new at coding so I may have overdone something or write useless lines or methods. So sorry in advance. I made the script in two parts so again sorry :smiley:
There are comment lines in code in case you want to change stuff. Notification and item names are in Turkish but I added English comment lines in code and also in Readme file.


Epinephrine Production:

  1. You need to have the required items to start production.
  2. You need to find the production location (hidden default).
  3. After starting production your selections to events changes product quality and ultimately product amount. (Kuzkay’ s method, thx again.)
  4. In the end, you will have Epinephrine.

Adrenaline Production:

  1. You need to have the required items to start production.
  2. You need to find the production location (hidden default).
  3. After starting the production you just need to wait for it to end.
  4. In the end, you will have Adrenaline Shots.

Epinephrine Production:

Adrenaline Shot Production:

Download: https://github.com/utkuali/Realdopes-by-utku

Also, you can change the required items and events to fit your product.

I added usable item Adrenaline Shot in the link, however, you will need esx_optionalneeds

By the way, you can check out bank heist script that I’m planning to release: Preview of Pacific Bank Heist by utku.


Nice job

Ellerine Sağlık <3

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good job

Eline sağlık

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“to share or sell you must ask for my permission.”

Maybe get rid of that from the readme.

I had to do it since lots of people sell codes in forums in Turkey, so if they try to sell the script I can show this to forum moderators and remove it from forum.

lol yeh right. Ok

I will change it to “you cannot sell this” since it fits better.

yes might be better.

Yeteri kadar malzemen yok. - Error message from 1st part when i press E on first marker.

Error message on part 2: @utku_realdopes2/server.lua13: attempt to index a nil value


I dont know why is failing to idex a nil value

My mistake… typing error in client.lua on row 166. I’ve fixed the issue in github, you can just fix it by replacing ProductionLocations on that field.

“Yeteri kadar malzemen yok.” means you don’t have the required items in your inventory.
For the second error: Have you added the required items to database ?
You can check readme for items.

what did you change ? when i check the github line 166 is exactly the same as origenal.

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changed 2 letters location in the word “Production”, I accidently typed it wrong

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What does this script add to the gameplay any effects special effects?

?? maybe read his post to see what the script is?

its line 116 not line 166

how do you make it usable