Meth cooking like in Breaking Bad [ESX] [Release]

Hello there, This is the Kuzkay_Meth resource which I had made very long time ago but never released it to public till today

This resource allows players to cook meth inside of any “Journey Van”. There’s nothing special to the van players will need to use others than getting the resources which are needed to start cooking.


  • Portable Methlab [ Multi-use item which never goes away and can be reused over and over again ]
  • Acetone [ Players will need to have at least 5 acetone in their inventory if they wish to start cooking meth ]
  • Lithium Batteries [ Players will need to have at least 2 lithium batteries to start cooking meth ]
  • Meth [ Item which player will recieve upon completion of cooking process (You will need to get other script to let them sell this item)]

To start cooking meth players need to have:

  • 1x Portable Methlab
  • 5x Acetone
  • 2x Lithium Batteries
  • Journey van

They also need to be north of sandy shores and not too high up in the mountains (kinda limits the area players can cook so they don’t go cooking inside Los Santos and hide inside underground parkings etc.)
[This limitation can be removed or changed in client.lua:141]

When player has all the required items and is sitting inside a driver seat of a Journey Van he can press [G] to start cooking which will move him into the back seat of the car, car will be unable to be driven and after couple seconds red smoke will come from the roof of the van until the cooking process is completed (Everyone can see the smoke)

During the cooking process players will recieve quick time events for example:

Question: Meth becomes solid too fast, what do you do?

Answers: 1. Raise the pressure
2. Raise the temperature
3. Lower the pressure

Player will need to decide on the best option and press corresponding key on his keyboard [1, 2 or 3]
If the best option has been chosen player will recieve more meth at the end of cooking process, if wrong option has been chosen he will recieve less and in some questions extremley stupid and wrong answer can cause the car to explode (not killing the player) and cooking process getting cancelled.

This image shows how cooking meth looks from the outside

This is an very old script I’ve made probably back in October of 2018 and haven’t published it since
It’s not as optimized nor does it use OOP but still works fine and doesn’t cause any fps drops what so ever.
Good luck using it, I can answer simple questions about it but won’t deliver constant support.

Feel free to upgrade this resource and change stuff up, if you want to publish it make sure you-
always link to the original resource and give me credit

You will need to make a way for players to get the required items and the vehicle + a way to sell/use the meth they made as it’s not included in this script





Enjoy :slight_smile:


we need like in la case de papel


We will try it!

5 stars release… thx

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Does anyone have an idea which script you can use to sell the finished meth ?

@Kuzkay And can smoke be deactivated?

This is a really good resource! Good job!

You can comment the lines of code, it’s somewhere in client.lua, I’m not on pc right now but it shouldn’t to be difficult to find

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esx drugs

That would require processing of meth in esx_drugs script, or you can rename the item in server.lua from ‘meth’ to ‘meth_pooch’ if you’re willing to use esx_drugs selling method although I’ll soon release new script made for selling drugs/other items

Thank You :slight_smile:

always saw this when I used to play on Havoc, I was a cop tho and had no idea what this was used for. Well now I do haha. Thanks for the good release!

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Convert this line to comment line. client.lua 91.line

local smoke = StartParticleFxLoopedAtCoord("exp_grd_flare", posx, posy, posz + 1.5, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 2.0, false, false, false, false)

The coords are where to the location :smiley: In client or i need to find it on my own :smiley:

There’s no location, get in the van with all the required items in your inventory and press G

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Thats smart way. :smiley: Okay so need to find a van :smiley: :smiley: Thank you Master.

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i need to change vehicle name cuz i hv addon vehicle

when i change the vehicle to journey2 its broken
can u help me for that

Is there anywhere on the specific map? I only get a message that I am very close to the city and I went to every corner of the map! I have all the necessary items some help! pls Sorry my english!