[RELEASE] [ESX] [QBCORE] [OXCORE] fusti_carwash

Simple carwash script made with ox_lib.

  • Easy to config
  • Optimized (0.00 - 0.02)
  • Simply easy to use what could i say
  • Compatible with every framework using ox_lib and ox_inventory
  • Supports ox_lib radial menu

Preview: [image] [video]

Picture of the config file: [image]


Special thanks to @Gellipapa helping me with the oop part :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment :slight_smile:
Thanks :heart:


Good job, thanks

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Ox lib radial menu support?

would you do a version for ox-core ? (overextended framework)

nice :smiley:

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working on it :saluting_face:

also working on it🫑

nice release tank you :heart:

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Done :slightly_smiling_face:

Done :slight_smile:

how to remove it is not seen in minimap,

download the latest version from my github, sorry about that, its fixed now.

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Does other people see the water as well?

I have a problem, because I have to make ensure scripts to make it work?

not work

ensure fusti_carwash

im not sure what do you mean here but if the question it that how can you make scripts work then my answer is start them…? not sure what do you want to say here

The script starts in my server.cfg, but it works, inside the game I write ensure fusti_carwash, then if it works

never had this type of problem with the script, try to ensure it AFTER starting the ox_lib and ox_inventory.

this happened to me after the last update

which update?

this is when i update