[STANDALONE] Füsti Warehouse

Füsti Warehouse :package:

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce my new script, which is a warehouse rent script.

Whats this about? :gear:

  • Players can rent warehouses to store items, in case if they don’t have a house.
  • You can put multiple positions all over the map, so every player will have to oppurtinity to rent one.
  • The rent is time-based, so as the player cannot pay the rent price, the warehouse gets removed.

Preview :tv:

Support :heavy_plus_sign:

  • The script has editable parts, so you can config the script to your liking.
  • Based on its compability structure, it supports every framework and every inventory, such as notifies etc.
  • Optimised code, at top runtime only 0.02ms.
  • Player’s data are stored in a database so there are no risks to data loss.
  • The script is already preconfigured to a ESX server and tested with Ox Inventory, with Ox lib.

Interested in buying? :shopping_cart:

  • You can find the script here (15 GBP + tax)

Check out my other scripts :file_folder:

Thank you for your time :slight_smile: If there is any question feel free to ask it in the comment section. :heart:

Code is accessible Partly
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~ 600
Requirements MySQL/oxmysql
Support Yes

hey, why should anyone buy this? there are a lots of free warehouse stashes, and this costs about 20 GBP
and serves the same purpose as the free onesx

Hi! The reason why is this script got released is because I had different people suggesting to make something similar. It is a great opportunity for players to rent warehouses, so they don’t have to carry their items in their cars, etc. With a little UI, and with the feature to support every framework and inventory is a great point not to filter the user-base of this script. I’m not sure if there is anything like this on the forum, I haven’t looked it up before making it, the only reason that this is released is that lots of people told me that they would buy something like this if they would seen a standalone release of it. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Omg so cool UI, very nice url search bar, really cool nice good job