[Release] esx_np_skinshop (UPDATE)

I love you :smiley: Thanks

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Hello friends, I have a problem with the clothing store menu, the accessories allow me to remove, put, buy, but in the clothing store, I can only buy once. Then it does not open the menu of the store.

are you find fix ?

any succesfully added custom clothes to this? do they have to have an image to show up in the menu?
Tried adding in my custom clothes (no pictures) and there not showing up.

Did you find a solution? I have the same problem man!

for me is it this solution

dependencies {

okay now i cannot create new skin

Did anyone find a better fix or an explanation for the trew hud UI issue?

Is it possible to put the saved outfits for free ?

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Hello! I need to add new masks for the female ped and i need a sort of division between male and female clothes, how can i edit the code? Like i need maskf and maskm (mask female and mask male), i need also bagm and bagf (bags male and bags female) i need this division to add new clothes from the shop.

Thanks. Dallo

How to integration with Cui_character ?

Did you found a fix ?

Yes u can. nui/img/…

For people who still have problems
Look at this

I just installed the resource, on esx 1.2 I can’t see any blip

For me too please x)

How do I get the OLD clothes shop menu disabled???

UI becomes unresponsive once the menu is open

Hey we use cui Character to make better Faces and esx_np_skinshop_v2 for the Clothes, but the Clothes from esx_np_skinshop_v2 not saved but the from Cui Character. Can we change that in any way?

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would like to know this too :slight_smile:

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