[Release] esx_np_skinshop (UPDATE)


Dont rename the script folder, because if you do the nui will not work (because of how js and nui works)
unless you know what you are doing and you know what you need to change and where.

Some Screenshots First

A video too!

So what is this…

This a a clotheshop system for your rp server, like any other but this time with a very beautiful interface and a menu for your stored outfits added too.

I was to lazy to create a locale for other languages, so if you are not going to use the ES locale, you need to add the missing lines to the local that you are going to use then.


Now the new version of this script is available, all the images were downloaded, no more links to external websites, also added support for my new script esx_newaccesories (for masks, glasses, hats, etc)

feel free to download:

New Version: https://github.com/GMA950/esx_np_skinshop_v2
esx_newaccessories: https://github.com/GMA950/esx_newaccessories

Old Version Still available: https://github.com/GMA950/esx_np_skinshop

Credits to the original creator of the np_skinshop “VHall1” in github and esx team
(original script https://github.com/VHall1/np_skinshop)

Any errors or problems, please write it down in the comments section below

Topic to esx_newaccessories https://forum.cfx.re/t/release-esx-newaccessories


i changed all the es to be english. also you need to stop esx_clotheshop

es.lua (874 Bytes)


can i change the pictures of the clothes?

It is a very good job, as seriously the issue of eup with added or replaced clothes. Would you have to manually add design images and replace the ones that were changed?

i have custom shoes in and it replaces
the image for me

yes, you can change that in /nui/ui.html, theres a link for each thumb image, then you can add clothes or modify clothes for the menu.

Incredible work man!

Does the picture have to be the same?

I have a white box there

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this isn’t np in any shape or fashion, why make it np?

If I am looking at this correctly in your code it is dependent on an outside website. Not saying your script is bad by any means I think you did a great job, I just don’t like depending on another website for a script. Look what happened with screenshot-basic

Could just download the images and change them all to said image :slight_smile:

the np comes from the name of the original script, thats all.

i didn’t made that part of the code, that comes from the original , but that can be easly fixed if you want, you just have to download every thumb (something like 600 images) and change the link for the path of the image, maybe i’ll do that in the future.


Yeah I feel yeah, cant imagine how big the script would be then

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Thanks for the script !

There are few missing textures from clothes, how can i fix it that ?
In my other clothes shop there aren’t missing textures.

Here’s a screenshot : http://prntscr.com/qud1gz

so do i need a certain clothes shop or esx_skin?

You just need to turn off any other clothes shop script in order to use this.

okay cool thank you

You are Brazilian guy ?