[Release] esx_np_skinshop (UPDATE)

tried several times to fix this and I keep getting this error.



Line 264 - Replace

AddEventHandler('esx_np_skinshop:hasExitedMarker', function(zone)
	currentAction = nil
	inMenu = false

	if not hasPaid then
		ESX.TriggerServerCallback('esx_skin:getPlayerSkin', function(skin)
			TriggerEvent('skinchanger:loadSkin', skin)

IT automatic toggle nu hud off

Late to the party did u get a fix for the images not loading in?

This accept/load local components/stream cloth ?

Hey , do you find any solution?

Me too, did you find a fix?

Great work! That fixed the issue! The hud will pop up a few seconds after character loads and the time could be adjusted by testing different numeric settings. Thanks!!!

Sadly no. Did u find a Solution?

Can anyone give me a hand with this error?

So I just started playing with this one and when I test it out, it loads, but as soon as It loads, even though I can browse throughout all the clothes and everything, I can´t do anything else. I click on clothing pieces and it does nothing, I can´t close the menu, or do anything at all. I don´t see any errors in the console, but I have to force quit to get out of it, am I missing something?

What lua do i change this one with in the file?

You ever fix this? I’m having the same issue.

Sadly, no. I ended up moving to a whole different clothing script as I was never able to get this to work properly.

Damn that sucks. Thanks for the information this one looks incredible and it’s unfortunate. What are you using now if I may ask? Is it similar?

I´ll share through a PM as I don´t think sharing other script for the same purpose in this thread would be any good

Hi, i added this on my server and its fire.
BUT, when i change my clothes and choose a saved outfit, i pay… how can i change my outfit without payment ? Bcse i already bought those clothes… :confused:

Hello i have just started using this but i have one problem
i have addon clothes and they don’t come up in the menu

Be careful to this script… After installation this script it will delete my database and joining to my VPS! Please report this script!