[release] ESX New properties script + furniture script (one owner per house, lock door/unlock door) non instanced

Hello, I am releasing some of my scripts since i am done developing for fivem. There might be more scripts to come not sure yet tho.

This script will probably have some bugs, I will help solve the bugs but don’t be asking dumb stuff please.
If you find them let me know.

How to add more properties

To add more properties

You will need to go into code walker and make new instances for each house. There are some videos and forum posts on how to do this. You could also try switching to instances but i wont help with this.
video of this here:

	{tier = "low", locations = {
		{label = "123 Brouge Avenue", name = "123BrougeAvenue", enter = {x = 197.3, y = -1725.9, z = 29.66, h = 265.12}, inside = {x = 191.51, y = -1724.2, z = 21.92, h = 289.03}, exit = {x = 191.09, y =-1724.34, z = 22.96}, outside = {x = 198.23, y = -1725.48, z = 28.66, h = 258.94}, empty = true, owner = false, locked = false, haskey = false, max = 2, price = 150000}

edit this table and just copy what is in there or make a new tier of houses.

Then in the database in the sm_owned_properties table add a new row for whatever the name is in the client.lua, do the same thing in sm_properties.

This should be pretty easy i’m not going to hold your hand please try it before making a post about it.

how to change the prices:

how to change the prices:
in the database edit the sm_properties and change the price

aswell as change the price in the client.lua to reflect it when they hold E.

How to use the safe item

run this query.

INSERT INTO `items` (`name`, `label`, `weight`, `rare`, `can_remove`) VALUES
	('p_v_43_safe_s', 'Small Safe', 15, 0, 1);
/*!40000 ALTER TABLE `items` ENABLE KEYS */;

then go in game and do /giveitem id p_v_43_safe_s 1 and use the item while in the house to place the safe.

Download: https://github.com/ExoticNx/properties

make sure to run the mlo aswell otherwise the house wont be there.

Update 5/13
fixed duplicating furniture on re-entry to house, should also now help fps if you have a bunch of furniture. Only loads if client is in that property. :slight_smile:

make sure to download most recent version.

start SM_Properties
start house_1



Dont really have any,

here is a vid of something i was working on. kinda shows it off


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Hi !

This is a nice script dude, but i have few questions about it.

There is some garage sync with the property with the script ?
If not will it be added in the future ?

run the mysql?

not right now, maybe if i come back to fivem eventually only reason i am releasing it is cause im done.

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Oh :frowning:

Because if you make one with garage i think lots of people will like it and probably download it.

maybe someone can make it and make a pull request but for now i am just gonna provide limited support for this as i’m no longer doing fivem stuff.

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I made it

oh wait

remove lines 389-463 in the server.lua Or redownload the github pushed and update

you didnt remove what i said?

I downloaded the current one

essentialmode.tj does not exist in sql

Hey nice conecpt. However I hold e and for a half second it says buy for $1500000 but then it disappears and only the enter option comes up? not getting any errors

how is this working with onesync good to go or would it need more love?

No idea @custard ill have to look at it later.

Would you ever add 2 player owning? Looks great and thats the only thing i need with your script