[Release] esx_ktackle - Tackling for Police Officers


This is a simple tackling script using animations and attaching the entities to make it look a little bit better.

Just install it like all other resources and then press SHIFT + G to tackle (as a police officer)





Nicely done @Kekke, will try it later today.
Tack :slight_smile:

nice script. any chance you’re going to share your food and water hud? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Great script! Love your work.

anyway you could make this non esx?


The only part that’s esx is the job part, if you remove that it would work for any server

So just remove this? local PoliceJob = 'police'

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Actually I noticed that I use ESX.Game.GetClosestPlayer as well. You’d need to edit this to work with FiveM natives instead.

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i dont have Esx will this still work/

If you do distance between players without the esx function

would be cool if after you tackle someone it cuffs them

would be cool but i’m sure you could do it if you used esx_policejob handcuffing code. I tried to convert this without esx and had no luck.

i really dont like esx policejob kinda janky am trying to find a good alternative

good luck with that

pls non esx version or how do i remove the esx part?


Is it possible for someone to make a pull for this topic on github for a non-esx version. The other tackle script is not as reliable and doesn’t have animations.


Niiice, ill try to convert to use in vrp…

It still working? I tried on my esx base and nothing, neiter console errors =(.

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very nice script works well

We have tried to convert this MANY times to none ESX, And its proving difficult, If we get it working thou we will share :smiley: