[RELEASE][ESX] el_scoreboard

Sexy scoreboard with an integrated “admin menu”. Fully customizable with easy to add buttons!

Source: GitHub
Download: el_scoreboard-master.zip
Documentation & features: GitHub Readme



Ooooo, look you you Mr. Gucci making Gucci scoreboards now. Nice job!

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Nice , good job :slight_smile:

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good job

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Looks nice, but can normal players see your job?

You can just change for i = 0, 32 to 255 and than supports 128 slot server!

there’s no limit on how many people it supports afaik

yes, they can

Functions = Cool.

Design = Awful.

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well, i wasn’t even designing it to be pretty, it’s just dev styling so feel free to change it

Is there a way 2 instead it displaying names it display steamhex?

Thats kinda bad, cause “Metagaming” rule :confused:

Best dude, keep it up:)

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its easy to remove it or make it for admins only

yep, i’ll tell you how to do it when i get home

Hello I have a question, the ban system planned in how long?

Please add a playtime and a serverUP time :slight_smile:

was gonna do that but i wanted to do it separately and add it as a “module”

the ban system is already made but not yet implemented into the menu because i was too lazy to add the time picker to it lol, will do it in the next update tho but i don’t know when the next update will be ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Okay thanks, so I’ll get a head start