[RELEASE] [ESX] Ban/Warning/Help-Assist System

I made a ban/warn/help system that bans all identifiers (offline ban only steam and license) and allows you to warn troublemakers. It also includes a basic assist system that players can use to get admins to help them.
This is my first release on the forums so i hope you’ll like it


  1. Download the resource
  2. Rename it to el_bwh and put it in your resources folder
  3. Import sql.sql into your database
  4. Edit the config to your liking
  5. Add start el_bwh to your server.cfg (make sure you start it after esx)
  6. Start it and you’re good to go

Download: latest
Source: GitHub

  • If you’re updating from 1.33 and lower then run this SQL
  • If you’re updating from 1.5 and lower then run this SQL
  • If you’re updating from 1.6 and lower then run this SQL
  • If your version is too old and you need to run 2 or more update files, run them in order

Can be found in the GitHub readme



I won’t be really active on the forums in terms of bug reports and help but most stuff is covered in the github readme. Enjoy the release!


Looks nice

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Possible to add IP:Banning?

it’s already there

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Awesome release good job! Any chance to add steam name to warning and ban list?

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/decassist nothing

i forgot to add that one to documentation, it’s an admin command that hides the assist popup, nothing else

sure, i can do that

so which button to press

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end, false)

did so but nothing happened when typing the command

a player needs to do /assist first and you need to have an assist popup on your screen (as the admin) and if there’s no popup the command simply doesn’t do anything

/decassist ID ???

no, just the command with no parameters

My player typed the command and nothing happened trying to restat the server

I am the admin but how to display the board

make sure you have your admin groups/level setup correctly in the config, i just tried it with a friend and it works perfectly

tôi không có lênh /assist

có lệnh /decassist

oh they don’t show in suggestions, that doesn’t matter but i’ll make it so they show in the next update, i’ll update in a few minutes - 1hr max

well that calendar is just a jquery plugin, its documentation can be found here https://github.com/xdan/datetimepicker