[RELEASE][ESX] el_scoreboard

Okay thanks, so I’ll get a head start

Wow nice work. :slight_smile:

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what do i have to change if i want only police and medic to be showed?

Why when I open with f9 the press scape to clease my game freez cant move player or mouse?

because you renamed the resource

i’m sorry, i kinda forgot about you lol
so you need to change line 186 in script.js and change v.name to v.stid

add this to script.js after line 181

if(v.job!="police" || v.job!="ambulance") return;

like that?

oh, nevermind, i’m blind, that’s good yeah

didn’t work

sorry, change the || to &&

still didn’t work

How to remove group and job in the scoreboard for than nobody can see them ?


add this after line 181 in html/script.js

if(v.group=="mygroup") return;

where mygroup is the group you want to hide

when i upload a pic it shows a broken pic image any help

When my server starts the score board says default FXserver. When I restart resource in game it works. Any way you know that it will work from beginning?

how can i hide the user group from everyone except admin so only admin can see other user group

Did any one can shared your scoreboard design ? I need to see for reference

i cantt press anything there is no curser how to fix that? sorry for this stupid question

any idea for replace steam name v.name to rp name ?
use firstname and lastname from database