[Release] esx_doorlock

please help me to add jobs to doorlock ?

Is there a way to make this work on a none esx sever ?

Is there a script with them I can break up the doors. Perhaps a crowbar script or something.

Next time can you even try to search the forums?.. :confused:

Isn’t this script?.

Hey, Thank you for this script, I have been looking for one for ages. I am going to try and implement this into my framework :slight_smile: (My framework is private. Not released to public.)

how do i add new doors on a custom interior?

what do you want to add?

Maybe someone could use it yet. The objectname is: xm_prop_iaa_base_door_01

i found it on: Code [1.44] GTA V Prop list | Se7enSins Gaming Community?cf_chl_jschl_tk=4be982a86695fdeaa638ba34a8780aff2ef3ed82-1610458578-0-ATuDU8u44_TW2CEjRJutL5P5snDNJS80LXGz4JXwm_tszSJtYQIrl0lDP1RWxALPp4sr3PrkLLSrBvyA5qhqqkkJlIUaozqdRwzQuKBKMP4M155jYVSIFMrRd466hEki3fTB9JIlh-52jij1GGZB8M-vP2KnQ1NpYOQ7FVhM3_4qv9diH31U1-lqMQpvS6D79dYoJCZQAzBcpZBbDpp3ohS4Eo-ep84kjthbrg1RNg4zr-wog-CKxz4i77xgHALGaIajcbUHzjizZgtnzgljM395af2zVg2lNOKDYxZyGP_GesA-syMSh9kh5Bwz39NuaAnViGSRtCSWJxPChwR_thObAFe1FdfCFGZPmmJiV2S-A2ZO0WZ95voq5-Lzz8CoCr3l89Flb732Sy5nHTpTtX2YFW-oKKf_nhTdY0hNOBS9

Anyone know how to add icons instead of the text “locked” and “unlocked”

has anyone seen some instructions on how to set up new doors. the config looks easy enough, but for some reason when I look at it my head starts spinning.

can i just use hash keys for the doors ? the door i wanted to lock doesn’t have a name but just hash keys :sob:

the door is -1612152164

Can i get configs to the new Gabz police station

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but that’s none of your buisness, is it. maybe fivem didnt use to be a platform where everything was paid, but today it’s normal. many here dont even pay their windows license and you’re worried about some map developer?

You end up finding these?

Yeah, remove GetHashKey(‘model’)
and just write the hashkey

i have I have a problem with config, when I try to change something like the coordination the script stops working and it impresses me "Error parsing script @ esx_doorlock / config.lua in resource esx_doorlock: @esx_doorlock/config,lua264: ‘}’ expected (to close ‘{’ at line 9) near "
and “script error: @esx_doorlock/client /main.lua:48: attempt to index a nill value (global ‘config’)”
I would love to help

config.lua (6.2 KB) this is the config

How to fix?

try it
config (1).lua (6.2 KB)

Im getting this error. I added the config to the Sheriff office in sandy and when i try to lock the doors it dose this. https://i.imgur.com/HFsuZxk.png