[RELEASE] [ESX] Ban/Warning/Help-Assist System

i have a problem since we updated aircrafts to 3324. Now the ban menu just show up nearest players, not allonline players.

It works just like a dinstance trigger.

Any Solution for Onesync? :slight_smile:

attempt to call a nil value ESX line 139 server.lua someone know how i can fix it , es_extended 1.1

I have some issues that the warnlist and so on wont open

I have it also did you fix it?


  • Fixed XSS vulnerability in ban/warn list & assist popup
  • Added infinity/onesync support
  • Fixed menus closing when someone requested assist
    Database update required: no
    Config update required: no

is report system compatible with onesnc legacy

How to fix error?

yes, it is

it’s not an error, it’s just a warning because the query took a certain amount of time


  • Added config entry to disable/enable ip bans
    Database update required: no
    Config update required: yes

Which button do I press to make bans??

installed the updated version 1.7.1 and now it won’t let me into the server, says “Connection rejected by server: You need to have steam open to play on this server.”

how do i fix this?

Hey is there any possible combination so i can disable reports on certain admins? like /reportsoff and /reportson ?