[RELEASE] [ESX] Ban/Warning/Help-Assist System

can u fix duplicate issue on license column, cause i have issue when server uptime > 12 hours, i tried to connect, reconnect many times and i got error “duplicate errror, license column cannot be null”.
[el_bwh:1.7.2 | db:1.7]

Are you planing of doing a qb version of it?

how to add /staff into it so when u goto a assist it puts u in staff mode

When i perm ban some one, they just can join back in.
In the database is he still banned but its not working some one know how i can fix this?

i have this issue

Turn on the IP ban! Its helps for me!

yh i did that it worked

do u use legacy

i have it installed on my server but im stuck on the thing that i cant unban player it pops up but it keeps loading anyone help?

Everything works great but 1 think doesn’t, when i open warnlist or banlist end i want to see who i banned or warned or who admin did that it show only UNKNOWN123456789 and i want to show my Steam nick or Discord nick and not UNKNOWN and some 123 idk… Please help my with that, what i need to do?

Sorry for my english

This happens when i type anything related to BWH.