[Request] In-Game tour script / Punishment Logs (ESX)


I have seen a tour script that you simply go to the job center and you’ll find a marker that opens a menu including multiple categories once you choose a category you’ll have to select which phase you want then a video would be played for you. (Something like a video tour guide and these videos can be edited from the script), but I can’t find this script I would appreciate if someone helps me to get it.

Also, I’m looking for a punishment logs for ESX something similar like this Vrp_Punishmentslog

Thanks in advance :heart:

U’mm anyone?

What are you using for punishments at the moment, also in regards to your tour thing, is it just a video that plays, or an interactive tour?

I’m currently logging all the punishments in discord private channels (Accessed by admins only).

Regards the tour, I only saw this script once and saved the link to be installed later but I lost it, I guess it’s an interactive tour.

Your tour script could probably be achieved with camera creation.

What I meant with my other question, is what are you using in-game for punishments, i.e. what resource?

I’m currently using vMenu for in-game punishments, if that’s what you are asking for.

Yes it was; you could add Discord integration into the vMenu script, so every time someone is kicked/banned/etc, you can send a message to a channel in your Discord server.

I don’t want it to be Discord related thing, I need in-game punishment history for each player exactly the same as the script I’ve linked in my first post but ESX not vRP. :man_shrugging:

My bad, forgot the original purpose of the topic lol.

I gather that vRP and ESX handle punishments, so it is easy enough to create a logging resource for them, whereas in this case, you are using vMenu to handle punishments. If you are willing to swap to ESX punishments, you could create a new table in your ESX database, create a simple resource with some commands and then add the ESX kick function (you’ll have to create your own ban function, but that shouldn’t be too hard once you have a DB set-up), then create a simple NUI to pull the relevant data in table form.

Or if you are only after a /warn command, you could look at using this script as a base, then either adding the DB functions (if you want it stored), or if you are only after per session, just pass the stored array to an NUI resource.

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This just out, might suit you quite well @NxDaddy


I really appreciate your efforts for helping me I can’t thank you enough. :heart: :heart_eyes:

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