[RELEASE] [ESX] Ban/Warning/Help-Assist System

this error is popping up for me

oh, okay, i’ll fix it in a few minutes


  • Fixed startup error
  • Added sender names to ban/warn list
  • Fixed help suggestions for some commands

i love you

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hey can u make it so like when someone uses /assist it needs him/her to type a reason why they want the admin and it shows to the admin in top right not just /assist cuz some people on my server like calling admins for a stupid reason

yeah sure, i’ll do that tomorrow

ty :purple_heart:

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need wanted police

Great script. Something very useful for esx servers.

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I get this error and i have inserted the sql,
and i have put it after esx
es_extended: TriggerServerCallback => [el_bwh:warn] does not exist

does somone know?

when you restart the script, are there any errors?

Can you make it for VRP or Standalone too ?

no, sorry

Love it :heart: Thank you so much :grinning:

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did u make the /assist (reason)?? i really need it

Add option to search ban list and warning list

yeah i was working on it but when i went away from my computer for like 30 mins it had decided that it wants to update, and that update took forevwr so i just called it a night, most likely gonna update it today


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  • Added search function for ban & warn list
  • Added preset ban length buttons
  • Changed date picker theme to dark and put monday as the first day
  • Added a reason parameter to the /assist command

Why not add discord logs for bans and unban ?
I think it would be pretty good.

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