[Release][ES4+] LS-Customs


Today, I will release one of multiple vehicle-related scripts i was/am working on lately, this script is based on FX Customs while not much of it remains, I stole copied their location table and the lock system.

It does not depend on essentialmode, you can disable it in the server.lua on line 1, just set useES to false!

Well, thats pretty much it, it uses ES, adapts to whatever car tunings you have, report any bugs to me etc etc.
Oh, and prices are changeable on line 18 in server.lua


Note: this script is licensed under “No License”, you are allowed to:
Download, Use and Edit the Script.
you are not allowed to:
Copy, re-release, re-distribute it without my written permission.

Have Fun!


YES! more stuff to put into my server!

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YES BLU!!! Beautiful!

the fuck blu why are you releasing stuff depending on essentialmeow

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This is Bluetiful!

if you don’t want to use essentialmeow you can disable it in the server.lua :stuck_out_tongue:

useES = true

set that to false and everything will just be free, well, i didn’t disable price display yet so it will still display prices, you would have to change that

… Essentially, it doesn’t depend on essentialmode.

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maybe say so in the first post then :stuck_out_tongue:


How can i put vRP money system on your LS Customs?

i will probably release a VRP version soon.


Hello !

Always the Nice work by @Bluethefurry !
The next step will be Ammunation ?

Fully support this! Awesome work and I’m curious if you ever figured out the reason for why warmenu was going back to the main screen from the paint menu?


+1000 community points

sadly not, i have yet to find out how to fix it

Very bery good job bro its amazing lscustom

How do the edits save in the garage? Do the edits save with the es garage or do I need a different one?

What? You just need his resource and if you want to use the money system, you need essentialmode

This works with ESX right?

Probably? i didn’t test it.

when i press esc for back. map is open too.
and there is no “Press E” message when you go to store.
and can we paint bennys cars ?

you don’t press “esc for back”, you press backspace

you automatically enter it if you go near it


i tried to paint nero but there was no nero custom option for upgrade.
and i want to show people press enter for paint how to do this ?