[RELEASE]DRP FiveM Framework Core

DRP Framework Core for FiveM
Github: https://github.com/OfficialDarkzy/DRP-Core

DRP Framework full in depth WIKI and installation guide
Github Wiki & Install Guide: https://github.com/OfficialDarkzy/DRP-Core/wiki

Basic Introduction
Hello, everyone welcome to DRP Framework, this is the Core Section which includes various features that anyone would desire when attempting to start your own Roleplay Server, the core works in many ways which is possible from the Dynamic Config allow you to change the settings and text to suit your needs.

Current Version and History
DRP was founded along time ago and was sat in my Github for a while, it was just something for me to learn and play around with, until it got serious so I thought posting it to the public would be beneficial to at least someone and it has taken off, so thank you all for that!
DRP Framework Core is currently in a BETA stage and will continue to get better and better, all the functionality is inside but optimizations and bug fixing will be something that goes on with time

What DRP can do for you?
Allow you get a big head start into the Roleplay server setup world, DRP has lots of features that can be added on top of the CORE with some simple drag and drop and start (depending on resource), all code for DRP has under gone extensive testing and dedicated time to ensure the best results and FPS, once DRP is installed I will let the FPS do the talking.

How can I add the Addons you mention?
To add the addons this is pretty simple, it will require you to head over to my other Forum post and see what it does, or you can visit my other Github Repo and follow the installation instructions.
DRP Addons Repo: [GitHub - OfficialDarkzy/DRP-ID: DRP ID Resources]
(GitHub - OfficialDarkzy/DRP-ID: DRP ID Resources)


  • Fully Configurable
  • High FPS
  • Optimized and quality code
  • Easy for any beginners to understand
  • Huge amount of Addons that can be installed (DRP-Addons)
  • Quality DRP team to help and support requirements
  • Custom Database API ensuring the fastest times with no lag courtesy of @xander1998

Minor Notes
Please do read the instructions, and give it your best to install if you fail once then please try again and read the instructions thoroughly.


Will try it out :D:D:D:D

Is there a wiki?

errr, if you want to call it that. I need to make it better for sure.

I dont get any errors but when I join the server, it just says awaiting scripts…

Havent installed it correctly… Please read the readme and following instructions correctly.

I think I did…
In your installation readme it says that in the downloaded file are numbered folders. My folders inside it are just called like the name of the script

interesting migth give it a try been hopping for a new framework to come out


Where are the other resources?

They will be released over time and refining. As he said in the original post. It is a framework that he has had lying around for a while. He’s only now starting to release things. If you decide to use it just keep an eye out for other releases pertaining to it.

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Firstly, thanks for the “well done man, looks great” means alot instead of demanding more when I have mentioned to you 3 or 4 times now… I would rather launch what I have to the public CLEAR the bugs and issues then there will be more, I did also mention in the post about looking through my other resources on my Github. As the DRP-ID are all in there… This is a work in progress not something you can just drop and it works. That is not what a development framework is about.

Thanks man, I don’t work with ESX that is why I have a framework… lol

Bruh he is releasing a framework… If he capable to making a framework, and is releasing a framework then why would be make something for esx

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dude good job, looking foward for this framework.
its still need some more basics,
such as html menu so it will support more languages and will look much better,
but i seen that you are planning on making anti cheatengine, thats sounds good,
also i got the ‘drp_garages’ error to…

Hi Itay, of course I will need some translators soon though if that is a possibility

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keep it called drp_garages not garage… and are you just copying the code because that is probs why it doesnt work as i do not have “require” anywhere in my code

I will reiterate… IT WILL NOT work unless you have the whole framework installed

i had different error with the ‘drp_garages’ not because of the resource name (i didnt renamed it),
my bad i didnt even looked at this guy screenshot…
i just checked it to find the error but it works fine now and the error is gone,
apart from the fact that i cant buy cars and i have enough money

send me a message if you will need Hebrew translator, ill be happy to help (;
also it will probably be the first framework that support Hebrew users…

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It’s nice to see something other than REEsx. I’ve made my own thing from the ground up by myself. I hope to see this become something like that :grinning:

Cheers man